The Benefits from Working One-on-One with a Stylist for Weft Micro Bead and Tape Hair Extensions

The Benefits from Working One-on-One with a Stylist for Weft Micro Bead and Tape Hair Extensions

Do you find yourself wishing that you could change your hair through sheer force of will? When your efforts to develop the look and hairstyle you want haven't exactly been successful, sometimes that can feel as if it’s the only option you have left. It's frustrating to contend with hair that isn't growing as quickly as you like, or which lacks the level of volume you want. Instead of changing your conditioner yet again, consider another option: weft micro bead hair extensions can help create the ideal style. Because they use natural hair, it’s possible to blend them seamlessly into your real hair, gaining inches of extra length and filling out thinner hair with luxurious additional volume.

Choosing to get extensions is one thing — maybe you've already decided that wefted micro bead hair extensions are the ideal choice for you. Even if you've only just decided to pursue this option, the next step is the same either way: choosing a stylist near Burleigh Heads to help choose and install the extensions best suited your hair type and style goals. At Extra Inch Hair Extensions, you'll always be able to count on a consistent experience with the same stylist each visit. From start to finish, why does that make such a difference in the final experience?

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At the start, you’ll be able to enjoy a professional and in-depth consultation as we discuss what you want to achieve with your extensions and what type will work best for you. Whether you only need a shorter length, such as extensions in 22 inches, or the longer 26 inch type, we'll find the perfect match for you. Our extensive inventory of quality European hair enables us to pair tape hair extensions to our clients with ease.

Installation in our private salon is next, and it’s fast and simple every time, and we take care throughout the entire process. Our weft micro bread extensions offer an excellent choice for a less-damaging route, but extensions which use tape can also be a great fit depending on your hair type. During this stage, you’ll have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. Learn with us about how to care for your extensions over the coming weeks.

Finally, each time you return to Extra Inch Hair Extensions for maintenance and upkeep, you'll be able to work with the same stylist that did the installation to start, which allows us to spot problem areas and offer more targeted advice. Why try to explain to someone else what help you need? We'll know what you're looking for right away.

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Take control of your hair and make it look the way you want. Learn more about us and view some of our before and after shots. When you're ready to explore what we can achieve together with your hair, start the booking process and secure your free consultation today.