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Trying to decide which hair extensions to buy can be a pretty tough task. Only when you go shop for hair extensions online, do you realise just how many different options you have to choose from. The thing is, there can be significant differences in quality and longevity between each option, so it’s definitely worth spending some time doing your research and reaching out to hair extensions specialists for advice, to ensure you invest in the right extensions for your hair goals and lifestyle needs.

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What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

Whilst weft hair extensions have been around for many years, they are often mistaken for something of a drastically lower quality than what they are. More commonly known as weaves, weft hair extensions offer a far more natural look than the typical hair extension.

Considering Weft Hair Extensions?

When it comes to extensions, weft hair extensions, also known as weaves, are continuously one of the most in-demand types on the market. If you are looking for weft hair extensions online, we are the place to visit. There are lots of reasons why customers seek out weft hair extensions:

Your natural hair continues to grow

Weft hair extensions do not interfere with your hair’s natural ability to grow, protecting the natural hair underneath from damage and breakage. Therefore they can provide an instant solution for long hair, while you wait for your own natural hair to grow and reach the length that you desire.

Explore different styles and colours

Weft extensions can generally be styled and coloured whatever way you like so they provide an excellent way of trying our various new styles and colours, without having to make a permanent commitment.

Excellent protection against hair products and heat styling

The effects of regular heat styling and hair products can take their toll on your natural hair. However, a hair weft naturally protects the natural hair underneath from the effects of hair straighteners, Keratin straightening treatments, curling, blow drying and detangling.

Thanks to our hair extensions online shop, you can buy weft hair extensions online, with expert advice available to help you select the right shade. You can take a look at our Brisbane offerings, and decide which weft hair extension is for you.

Why Buy Weft Hair Extensions From Us?

There are several reasons that we think you should choose Extra Inch Hair Extensions when you’re looking to buy weft hair extensions but the main one reason is this: we are one of only 3 salons in the entire Gold Coast region to offer the new PU flat weft.

The PU flat weft extensions that we offer sit flatter on your head than average extensions. In turn, this gives them a far more natural appearance. They are less detectable (and that is a massive advantage) but, more importantly, they are also very comfortable to wear, which we all know is a bonus. 

At Extra Inch, we still offer the PU flat weft as a sewn in extension, but we are also fortunate enough to be in the position where we custom make all of our PU wefts. This means that we are able to offer them as tape in extensions, therefore making them an excellent choice for wholesale clients who are looking to source weft hair extensions online.

Explore Our Online Collection of Weft Hair Extensions

At Extra Inch, our weft hair extensions are made from high quality European human hair which is thick right to the ends. They are individually hand sealed once they arrive to our salon to ensure minimal to no shedding. Each 120cm weft can be cut to your desired length or style. You will, however, need the help of a specialist hair extensions stylist or salon to ensure an effective application.

The wefts can be applied using either the microbead or braid method. They should not incur any damage to your own hair and last up to 6 months if applied and cared for correctly. Choose from a large range of stunning shades including light blonde, light ash blonde, strawberry blonde, dark brown, darkest brown, dark chestnut brown, medium brown, light brown and black.

Uncertain About Weft Hair Extensions Online?

Our weft hair extensions are all made in house, which means that we are able to completely customise them to your length requirements, without risking an accident with a pair of scissors. They are also individually sealed, which means that they’ll shed less than other hair extensions you may have used in the past, and your hair will stay gloriously thick for longer than it otherwise would. 

In addition to that, all of our European hair has cuticles that run in the same direction, which means that our extensions will be tangle-free.
Another special feature of our hair extensions is that not only can you buy them from us; we also offer a service where we will fit them for you. You can either choose to come to us in Benowa Gardens, or we offer a mobile service, where we will come to you, for an additional surcharge.

Check Out Our Weft Hair Extensions Online

With so many different types and shades of real hair extensions available, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are seeking to buy weft hair extensions. The expert hair technicians here at Extra Inch would be happy to advise you on the right products to purchase. Feel free to get in touch via our online contact page, by calling us on 0411 805 255 or sending an e-mail to louise@extrainchhairextensions.com.au.

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