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About Our Hair Extensions Online Shop

The Extra Inch salon in Benowa Waters, Gold Coast has long been celebrated as one of the best salons for hair extensions. Our testimonials and “Before and After” photos speak for themselves in terms of the results that we can and continuously achieve.

It fills us with great joy to help so many women to realise the long, voluptuous hair they have always dreamed of. So much so, that we wanted to extend our reach, and ensure women anywhere in Australia could easily purchase quality hair extensions, through our hair extensions online shop.

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Extra Inch – Your Hair Extensions Online Shop

We realise how difficult it can be to purchase high-quality European hair extensions online, so we wanted to make it easy for all of you to purchase from a reputable provider, based right here in Australia, with deep expertise in hair extension applications. When you purchase hair extensions online from Extra Inch, you are buying from true specialists in the field.

Explore Our Online Hair Extension Store

As we aim to become the leading online hair extensions store Australia wide, we have stocked our online store with a wide range of hair extensions in various lengths and shades, as well as a full collection of all the products you need to care for your new luscious long hair.

Weft Hair Extensions

Our weft hair extensions are available in two different lengths: 22 inches and 2 inches, with 50g, 100g and 150g packs available. Our weft hair extensions come in a 120cm weft that can be cut to any desired length and be applied using the microbead or braid method. You will need some hairdressing expertise to ensure a proper application, so we recommend that these are applied in a salon or under the guidance of a hair specialist.

Our weft hair extensions are individually hand sealed once they arrive into Australia to ensure there is minimal to no shedding. They are made from quality European Remy hair and can last up to 6 months with proper care and maintenance.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Purchase premium quality Remy hair extensions, at some of the most affordable prices you will find anywhere online in Australia.

Our premium hair extensions come in 26 inch length, with both 50g and 100g packs available. They are made from premium European double drawn hair which is thick right to the ends. All of our tape-in hair extensions can be applied at home or in a salon and with ongoing care and maintenance, can last up to 12 months, ensuring a really cost-effective option.

Hair Extension Accessories And Products

Caring for your hair extensions is critical to their longevity. With the Extra Inch online store, you can easily purchase all and any products you need to apply and care for your hair extensions. Our range of hair extensions accessories and maintenance products includes detanglers, replacement tape, microbeads, hair extension masks, oils, shampoos and treatments and tape and bond extensions removers.

What To Look For From An Online Hair Extensions Store

Buying some things online can be easier than others. Hair extensions, in particular, can a tough purchase to make without seeing or trying the product in advance. However, find the right online hair extensions shop and the purchase should be as seamless as if you bought in-salon locally. 

Here are some things to look for to find the right hair extensions online shop to purchase from: 

Experience and expertise 

Is the online store a faceless supplier or are they staffed by genuine, qualified, experienced hair technicians? Online stores ran by hairdressers or hair salons will likely offer a far better quality product and be able to offer more qualified advice should you reach out with any questions. The quality of the products supplied via their online store will directly reflect on their physical business so they are unlikely to risk offering anything less than what they deem as “the best”. 

Reviews and testimonials 

Like any online supplier, it’s important to ascertain their reputation by researching reviews and testimonials. However, when buying hair extensions online, it’s important to not only seek out evidence of the quality of products but of their service too – delivery, returns/refunds policy and aftercare are all highly important when buying hair extensions.

Lots of options

The best online hair extension shops will provide you with lots of different shades to enable you to effectively colour match with your natural hair as well as various lengths to ensure you can cut and style to your own preference and achieve the precise look you desire.

Quality brands

A reputable hair extension online store will be approved stockists of reputable brands. If you can’t find much about the brands they sell or if the types of hair extensions they sell have little information available elsewhere online, it’s probably best to steer clear. The best hair extensions shops will want to offer their customers the best quality products after all.

Accessories and products

The key to the longevity of your hair extensions is in how well they are maintained so choose an online hair extensions store which also sells the products and accessories you need to correctly maintain your extensions. 

Why Buy Hair Extensions Online From Extra Inch

There are lots of reasons why you can feel secure in your decision to buy hair extensions via the Extra Inch online store:

Buy direct from a well-celebrated salon 

When you buy hair extensions online from Extra Inch, you buy direct from a well-established Gold Coast salon, staffed by a team with years of expertise in the application and maintenance of hair extensions. Just like every cut, colour or style we do in-salon, the products we sell online are a direct reflection of our business, so we ensure to supply and sell only the finest quality products.

Owner Louise is a highly experienced hairstylist whose expertise is well-celebrated in our online reviews. 

Tried and tested products

Over the years, we have tried and tested various different brands and types of hair extensions and have come to realise that only 100% European Remy, double drawn hair will offer the luscious locks you’re longing. That’s we’ve sourced the best quality 100% European Remy, double drawn hair extensions and made available for you to purchase via our online store. The very extensions we supply and apply in-salon are those we sell via our online store – so we firmly stand by their quality. 

Pay multiple ways

When you wish to buy hair extensions online with Extra inch, you can pay via a multitude of different methods. Purchase via major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express, Paypal, ApplePay, GooglePay or even spread the cost of your payments via Zip Pay.

Check Out Our Hair Extensions Online Shop Today

The Extra Inch hair technicians are on hand to help you select the right hair extension and products to meet your specific shade, needs and hair goals. Simply complete our online contact page, call us on 0411 805 255 or e-mail louise@extrainchhairextensions.com.au for assistance and we will be glad to help you out.

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