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Best Micro Bead Hair Extensions Online

When shopping for hair extensions, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the various, types, styles and shades available online. With lots of influential marketing about, you will find yourself faced with conflicting information about which is the best to choose. You will also notice stark differences in pricing, and sometimes this can also lead to stark differences in quality.

If you are seeking more information about micro bead hair extensions in particular, we have outlined some of the core reasons why people choose to have micro weft extensions applied, to help you make a more informed decision:

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Why You Should Consider Micro Bead Hair Extensions

No heat or glue required for application

Micro bead hair extensions do not require the use of heat or glue for application and attachment, which ensures minimal damage to your natural hair.

Perfect for sensitive scalps

The use of glues, adhesives and heat in hair extension application can sometimes irritate sensitive scalps and cause allergic reactions. Microbead hair extensions are therefore the best choice for those with sensitive scalps as the use of any adhesives or heat is avoided in their application.

Secure application

Quality Remy micro bead hair extensions seamlessly blend with your natural hair. Unlike clip-ins or temporary extensions, the secure application of micro bead extensions ensure there is no risk of them becoming loose or slipping, which are tell-tale signs that someone is wearing hair extensions.

Here at Extra Inch, we are proud to offer a great range of the best micro bead hair extensions available anywhere online in Australia right now. As a well-known Gold Coast hair salon specialising in hair extensions, we wanted to ensure that women anywhere in Australia could avail of the quality products we use and the expertise we offer.

Shop Our Great Range of Micro Bead Hair Extensions Online 

Our stunning micro bead hair extensions are all made from high quality, Remy, European human hair. They are available in 26 inch lengths but can be cut to your own desired length or style. You will, however, need the help of a specialist hair extensions stylist or salon to ensure an effective microbead application.

If applied by a knowledgeable specialist, microbead extensions will not lead to any damage to your own hair. They last up to 6 months if applied and cared for correctly. Our micro bead extensions are available to purchase in a great selection of natural shades including light blonde, light ash blonde, strawberry blonde, dark brown, darkest brown, dark chestnut brown, medium brown, light brown and black.

You can purchase these extensions in 50g, 100g or 150g packs. If you require multiple colours, you can purchase separate 50g wefts, or our 150g packs include 2 different colours with a 100g and 50g colour split.

Contact Us To Learn More About Micro Weft Extensions

If you require any assistance, advice or guidance regarding selecting hair extensions or hair extension products, do feel free to get in touch. Our expert hair technicians can provide personalised advice on the best products to choose based on your specific hair type, goals and needs.

All and any questions are always welcome. Get in touch via our online contact page, by calling us on 0411 805 255 or sending an e-mail to louise@extrainchhairextensions.com.au.

Extra Inch Hair Extensions is a Gold Coast based salon that specialises in hair extensions. We offer a variety of hair extensions, including European and micro bead extensions. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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