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Hair Extensions Brisbane

The modern women lives a hugely demanding and busy life; it’s not often that we get to take the time out to look after ourselves. When we do get the time to relax between balancing our family, careers, friends, gym and all our other responsibilities, it only makes sense that we want to feel pampered and values. That’s why at Extra Inch Hair Extensions, we are completely committed to giving all our clients the very best customer service and hair extension experience in Australia - because frankly - women deserve it.

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Get Your Dream Hair Extensions in Brisbane 

Have you always dreamed of having long, thick hair? Is your own hair very fine and in need of an extra lift? Maybe you’d love to have blonde at the end of your hair but you don’t want to colour your own hair in fear that it would cause damage? If yes, getting hair extensions is the solution.

Extra Inch Hair Extensions is a home-based salon found on the sunny Gold Coast, so if you’re looking into getting hair extensions in Brisbane from a salon that will work with you to achieve your dream look, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Best Place for Hair Extensions in Brisbane

As we’re a home-based salon, we really can go the extra mile to ensure that each and every one of our clients receive the personal attention that they deserve. We have a small, dedicated team of professionals that get know our clients and that helps us to understand exactly what they want every time they return. As a smaller salon, we can give you the one on one service to get the best looking natural hair that you desire, unlike the bigger salons, where you’re likely to deal with a different specialist every time you visit.

If you're looking for hair extensions in Brisbane, you can't go wrong with Extra Inch Hair Extensions. We tailor our service to you and make sure that you are getting the appearance you want while building a strong relationship with you. That way, we understand your needs and can provide better recommendations than a regular hair salon. If you can't come to us, we have a mobile hair extension service that allows us to come to you.

Can't find a time for us to come over and your schedule won't be able to open up for a visit? Then visit our hair extensions online shop, where you can choose the hair extensions that you want. If you are wondering where you can buy hair extensions of any kind, we're the place to go to.

High-Quality Hair Extensions For Confidence

One of the reasons that we are so passionate about our real hair extension services is how it makes our clients feel. We absolutely love seeing the glow on their faces when their new hair is revealed. Long, luscious locks that look as natural as your actual hair will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

At Extra Inch Hair Extensions, we know that our clients all have different needs and requirements and that’s why we have different options to suit individual budgets and time frames. We have the following natural hair choices:

Our Options For Hair Extensions In Brisbane

  • Indian Remy Double Drawn: Our Indian Remy Double Drawn natural hair is a short-term, budget-friendly option for clients that want their extensions for a specific occasion; whether that’s for a high-school dance, a wedding day or even just a special date night. Our Indian Remy hair will look fabulous and last around 3 months with the correct care

  • European 90% Double Drawn: If you are looking for a longer-lasting hair extension solution, then you’re going to want to go with our European range. Our high-quality European hair extensions are 90% double drawn, which means that your hair will look thick and fantastic from the tips to the ends. Most companies use 35% double drawn hair, which means only 35% of your hair will be of the highest quality all the way down to the ends. We source our wholesale hair extensions from the same supplier and if we find anything amiss, then we simply send it back and get a replacement that matches our impeccable high standards.

How To Choose Hair Extensions In Brisbane

  • Be 100% sure on your decision: Choosing hair extensions may seem like a frivolous choice, however, they take quite a bit of maintenance and going from shorter hair to longer lengths can be a steep learning curve for some people. If you aren’t 100% sure of your decision, we’d suggest going for clip-in extensions that you can remove if you decide they aren’t for you.
  • Cost is quality: As with most other purchases in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to hair extensions. We all love a good bargain but if you buy cheap hair from an online source that you can’t trust, chances are you’ll get low quality hair that doesn’t last very long or look great. Always buy from a reputable, trusted company to get the best hair.
  • Choose the right length: The length of your extensions is going to be determined by the final look that you’d like to achieve. Talk to us about what your dream hair looks like and we’ll make sure that you choose the right length.
  • Length vs. volume: Decide why you’re getting extensions - is it for length, volume or both? If you want both then a full head will be ideal whereas, for volume, a half head may be enough. 
  • Choose your colour and texture carefully: Remember that you want your extensions to look as natural as possible so it’s important to get the right shade of colour and the right texture too. If you aren’t sure about what would look best with your own natural hair, speak to one of our hair technicians and they’ll advise you on the most suitable options for you.

At Extra Inch Hair Extensions, we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients don’t just love their natural extensions but that our customer service is of the same calibre; we love that so many of our clients keep on returning. For hair extensions in Brisbane, you can't go wrong with us.

If you’d like to get more information on our high-quality natural hair extensions or any of our products and other services, please feel free to get in contact with us. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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