26 Inch Hair Extensions

26 Inch Hair Extensions

When purchasing hair extensions, you will notice that various different lengths are available – these can range generally from about 16 inches to 26 inches in length. Choosing the length of your hair extensions is just as important as the shade, so it is something that we recommend customers take their time in considering.

For those whose main priority is length, we often find they choose to purchase 26 inch hair extensions, which dust the top of the hips – to give you an idea for length. While may seem like a huge jump in length in comparisons to your current style, there are lots of strong reasons to consider purchasing 26 inch hair extensions:

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Why Choose 26 Inch Hair Extensions?

Long, glamorous curls

Many people dream of longer hair so that they can sport a voluptuous, long, bouncy, curly look. Remember however that curling the hair leaves it looking shorter in length, so it’s always advisable to choose extra-long hair extensions if you plan on adopting the bouncy long curls look regularly.

Flexibility of style

With 26 inch hair extensions, you can have your hair stylist cut, colour and style them however you like as there is so much additional length to work with. You’re not bound to the style that the extensions arrive in and you can gradually trial cutting the length shorter and shorter until you find the length you feel suits you best.

Add to your long hair

If you have already got long hair, choosing hair extensions of similar length will surely add volume, but they may not have quite the impact you envisioned. Adding both additional length and volume to already long natural hair results in a super glam look that leaves everyone in awe and envy at your lusciously long locks.

Get Your 26 Inch Hair Extensions From Us

For 26 inch hair extensions in the Gold Coast, we are the only company that you need to get in touch with. Our premium hair extensions are the absolute best quality that you can get on the market and this is reflected in the price.

When choosing the right hair extensions for you, many people have to consider and make a decision between real or synthetic hair, but this can be a difficult choice. 

Extra Inch Hair Extensions are all made from real hair as we find this to be the best quality, carry on reading to find out more about why we think real hair is better than synthetic and why there is a price difference between the two.

Why Are 26 Inch Hair Extensions More Expensive Than Synthetic?

There are many reasons why we opt to use real hair extensions here at Extra Inch Hair Extensions and we think this is the best choice for you. Here are the reasons why: 

  • When you compare real hair extensions to synthetic, you will notice that there is a price difference between the two. This is because synthetic hair is of an inferior quality to real hair and when comparing them, you will instantly see that the real hair looks much more natural than the synthetic and that the synthetic is quite noticeably not real. 
  • Another reason why real hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic is that as they are better quality and they stay in good condition for longer. Although you will pay more for your extensions with real hair outright, in the long run they will last you much longer. Before making a decision on your hair extensions, think about the duration that you want them to last and take this into consideration. 
  • As we just mentioned, real hair extensions last longer than synthetic and that is why they are more expensive. But, why do they last longer? When you opt for real hair they are a better investment as they are much easier to style and maintain. So, if you are someone who likes to use heat a lot on their hair to style it or hair care products, real hair extensions are definitely going to be the right option for you. 

Hair Extensions Must Match Your Look

We are proud of our 26 inch hair extensions, but sometimes you're aiming for a different hair length, or you're trying to achieve a look with a different colour. Our hair extensions come in a range of lengths and colours, with a variety of accessories and care products to match.

You need to find the hair extensions that fit your budget, desired look and hair style.

26 Inch

If you are confident that your hair would look fantastic with a long length, then you can't go wrong with 26 inch hair extensions. It will extend your hair length and with the proper application and colour, add to the look that you've always been thinking about.

Shop Our Range of 26 Inch Hair Extensions Online 

Extra Inch is delighted to offer our customers a great selection of 26 inch hair extensions, readily available to purchase online. We have established a reputation as one of the leading hair extensions specialists in the Gold Coast and wanted to share our quality hair extension products and expertise with rest of Australia too. That’s why we have established our hair extensions store, to ensure it is ever so easy to buy high quality 26 inch human hair extensions online!

We offer both weft and tape hair extensions in 26” inch lengths. Both types are made from premium Remy European hair. Our weft/micro bead hair extensions last up to 6 months if applied and cared for correctly and should ideally be applied by a salon or hair extensions specialist. Our 26 inch tape in hair extensions last up to 12 months with proper care and maintenance and can be applied at home or in a salon.

Our 26 inch hair extensions are available to purchase in 50g, 100g and 150g packs, Choose from a range of great shades and colours including medium brown, darkest brown and black in our tape extensions and bleach blonde, light blonde, light ash blonde, strawberry blonde, dark brown, darkest brown, medium chestnut brown, medium brown and black in our weft hair extensions.

Learn More About Our 26 Inch Hair Extensions Today

Are you ready to have your 26 inch hair extensions fitted by us? Then make sure you book an appointment with us now. You can do this easily right here on our website, or if you have any other questions that have not been answered on our FAQ’s page, please send us a message using the Facebook messenger button on the bottom right hand side of the screen. 

The expert Extra Inch team of highly experienced hair technicians are on hand to help you select and purchase the right hair extensions and products for your needs. Please feel free to reach out via our online contact page, by calling us on 0411 805 255 or sending an e-mail to louise@extrainchhairextensions.com.au if you need any guidance or assistance. We’re here to help!

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